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In 1995, the Islamic consultative Assembly and the Guardians council ratified an act on establishment of rural water and sewage companies. In late April 1998, the companies started work with the aims of supplying healthy drinking water, equipping the rural areas with the necessary facilities; maintaining, developing, renovating and renovating the rural water grids including treatment.
Networks of houses, pipes, reservoirs as well as control and sewage disposal systems .Simultaneously, the Rural water and Sewage Co. of Sistan&Baluchestan Province started its activities in the main office in provincial center Zahedan and its eight affiliates in other towns of this southeastern province.
Based on a ratification of the cabinet in June 2002, the state-run companies were separated from the ministry of Agricultural jihad and affiliated to the Ministry of Energy.
Comprising experienced and devoted expert, the rural water and sewage companies enjoy high potential and abilities. During their five- year age, they gave succeeded in confronting different crises and made praiseworthy success.
Now, the rural water and sewage companies are expected to take major strides toward supplying healthy potable water and discharging sewage appropriately since ministry of energy – the sole ministry administering water affairs – ha high water management expertise, makes arrangement for the Companies to enjoy its experts know-how, and allocates more budget for the affairs.

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